Audience Network, serving the dealership’s Facebook ads

Audience Network, serving the dealership’s Facebook ads

With Audience Network, dealerships can now create an ad on Facebook and push it beyond the boundaries of the social network. Reaching Internet users on popular websites and mobile applications, this feature is proving to be very useful in increasing the potential and effectiveness of the dealership’s Facebook ads.

Audience Network, a tool to broadcast its ads outside Facebook.

Launched in 2016, Audience Network is Facebook’s advertising network dedicated to mobile applications and sites. Still little used by advertisers, including car dealership networks, this tool is nevertheless of undeniable interest: allows brands to create their ads on Facebook, before posting them on the web. Several figures prove the interest of Audience Network, both for major advertisers and dealers.

Over one billion: the number of Internet users and mobile users who see an ad managed by Audience Network each month (1).

160: the number of applications among the 500 most popular free applications on Google Play that include Audience Network ads (2).

15%: the average conversion gain when the advertiser integrates Audience Network into its Facebook communication campaign (3).

A broadcast solution with many benefits for dealerships

While the Facebook pixel is now a must for the digital dealership, Audience Network gains, for its part, to democratize itself. Compatible with most Facebook features – such as similar audiences or Instagram advertising for the dealership – Audience Network allows dealers to maximize the power of their Facebook ads by reaching an audience outside of the social network. A solution that is interesting to say the least and that offers many advantages when broadcasting a communication campaign.

More effective targeting: Audience Network allows dealers to reach more mobile users wherever they are on the web. The distribution of Facebook ads outside of Facebook is thus a lever to generate better results and improve the effectiveness of the campaigns.

An attractive format: Audience Network focuses on the “places” where Internet users spend the most time, namely mobile applications and sites.   The dealership can thus optimize the use of Facebook video, but also use other powerful formats (native, banner, interstitial, integrated video or video with reward).

– A multi-format adaptation: advertisements created for the dealership are automatically transformed to adapt to the various placements selected. The tools are thus multi-format and multi-support in order to increase the performance of the ads tenfold.

An interested audience: Audience Network makes it possible to integrate pre-roll and mid-roll placements, especially within mobile applications. Since Facebook requires strict criteria to be followed regarding the quality of the ad (positioning, music, etc.), ads tend to be of greater interest to mobile users. This is evidenced by the fact that 80% of impressions lead to page views lasting longer than 10 seconds (4).

Defined objectives: When creating its Facebook ad, the dealer can select the objective it wishes to achieve through its campaign. Depending on the stakes, Audience Network will adapt the distribution and format of the message in order to increase awareness of the dealership, get maximum coverage, drive traffic to the digital dealership, trigger interactions (e.g. by referring to the dealership’s form ads) or convert leads.

Dealerships: Steps for using Audience Network

The other great advantage of Audience Network is that it is relatively intuitive. Although it is recommended to be accompanied by a webmarketing agency, the dealership can create and distribute its advertisements by itself. It must be said that the basic functionalities to use the Facebook control panel are relatively simple to implement, as you can discover through the steps below.

– Selecting a goal: Once in the Facebook ad manager, the dealer simply selects “Create an ad” and choose an Audience Network-compatible goal (awareness, traffic, interactions, lead generation, etc.).

– Defining an audience: the dealer can then choose the target of the campaign. This can be a typical audience defined by Facebook or, for greater efficiency, a similar audience created from the dealership’s database.

– Select the format: after selecting the type of devices on which the dealership wishes to appear (mobile, computer or both), it is possible to choose the placement options. The dealership can choose between native, banner and interstitial ads, in-stream videos or reward videos.

– Run a test:  Before starting the campaign, Audience Network allows for a pay-as-you-go test to validate the interest of the creative content, the ad placement and the target audience.

– Confirm the campaign: All that remains to be done is to define a budget and a release schedule, before adding creative content created in-house or by an agency. Advertising will then be displayed on sites and applications that are compatible with the content and purpose defined by the licensee.

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A digital presence optimized for the dealership
To use the full potential of Facebook tools, including Audience Network, it is in the dealership’s best interest to call on a partner, particularly for the creation of content and the configuration of Facebook advertising. With IMAWEB, you benefit from a tailor-made webmarketing support, carried out by digital automotive specialists. In addition to offering you numerous business software solutions (CRM, DMS, etc.), our experts help you optimize your digital presence via essential tools: creation of a digital dealership, addition of interaction modules (financing, appointments, trade-in, etc.), etc.

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