Convert your automotive prospects with inventory ads

Among all the tools offered by Facebook, one is very relevant for automotive dealers: Automotive Inventory Ads Aimed specifically at potential buyers, Automotive Inventory Ads creates automated ads based on the dealership’s inventory and the behaviour of Internet users. The goal? Improve the conversion rate of the digital dealership and, consequently, increase the number of sales.

Inventory ads: a tool dedicated to conversion.

Still little used,Automotive Inventory Ads can nevertheless be an interesting communication tool for dealers. These are dynamic ads that are optimized for Facebook users looking for a car. Thanks to the use of the Facebook pixel previously installed by the dealership, an ad can be pushed to a specific target: Internet users in the buying phase who have recently visited your digital dealership.
Inventory Ads are particularly useful for dealerships that already use the Facebook pixel and have an e-commerce site. These practices could well soon become a matter of course, as online sales would seem to represent the future of the automotive dealership sector. To fully understand how inventory advertising works, several concepts are essential:
– targeting: the tool uses lookalike audiences in the dealership to prospect only potential buyers, via the promotion of the VO and VN catalogue;
– implementation: This tool selects web users according to a specific event, such as a visit to your digital dealership for example;
– recommendations: the algorithm looks at different criteria specific to the Internet user (location, interest in a specific model, etc.) in order to offer him an adapted advertisement (a vehicle that interests him, whose point of sale is nearby, etc.). ;
– the format: inventory advertisements must take the form of a single image, a carousel (several photos) or a collection (presentation of 4 photos under a main image or video, the latter opening in full screen in the event of interaction by the Internet user).

The advantages of inventory advertising for the dealership

For the dealership, inventory ads for the automotive sector have various advantages, the objective of which is to increase the conversion of your prospects.
model/buyer targeting: This tool allows the dealer to import the complete catalogue of the vehicles he offers for sale. Advertisements are then automatically created with the models that are popular with Internet users. In this way, potential car buyers are systematically targeted with a relevant vehicle.
– Automatic operation: Once configured, the inventory advertisement works without external intervention. So you don’t need to create individual ads for each model, the tool does it for you.
– Exhaustive advertising: Your dealership’s inventory ads may contain all relevant product information (price, availability, location, etc.). The Internet user – having already shown an interest in the vehicle in question – is therefore more likely to proceed to the purchase act.

Create a car inventory ad in 3 steps

You will have understood the interest of inventory advertising:   they allow you to target the specific expectations of potential buyers, via the automatic creation and distribution of adapted advertisements that take into account your stock. In addition to being viewable on all devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.), they offer the advantage of being broadcast on Facebook, but also via the dealership’s Instagram account. To use this feature, you must follow three steps.

1. The configuration of the catalogue: For the dealer, the first step is to communicate its inventory data to Facebook, i.e. the new and used vehicles that make up its inventory and that it wishes to promote. To do this, it is possible to import a flow of vehicles into the Ad Manager or Business Manager. Your catalogue is then automatically updated according to the state of your stock. For a smaller inventory (less than 50 vehicles), you can also configure a catalogue manually from Business Manager.

2. The installation of the Facebook pixel: you can choose between pixel or Facebook SDK. Both are used to track Internet users who have visited your digital dealership in order to find out what actions they have carried out on your site (consultation of a specific model, use of the financing module, etc.). This installation is essential because it allows Facebook to automatically create personalized recommendations based on the behaviour of potential buyers.

3. The creation of an advertising model: The template uses the feeds from your catalogue and the images you provided to create a personalized ad for each potential buyer.   To this end, you must first access the advertising manager, select the “Catalogue Sales” objective and choose the catalogue you have previously downloaded. You can then select only certain vehicles from your catalogue and restrict your audience according to the actions carried out on your site (searching for a vehicle, using the trade-in module, requesting information on a model, etc.). All you have to do is choose the format of your ads (single image, carousel or collection) and indicate a budget and timeline for your campaign.

Optimize your digital ads with DATAFIRST
While Facebook tools – like inventory ads – are useful levers for communicating and improving dealership sales, their use can sometimes be disconcerting. As a partner of automotive dealership networks, DATAFIRST offers dealers a complete webmarketing support.  Definition of a strategy, assistance in the design of advertisements or the creation of the digital dealership: we work alongside dealers to optimize every facet of their digital presence.

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