Custeed Suite

Innovative tools assisted by a team of experts dedicated to training and supporting users for quickly tangible results.

Ground-breaking and efficient solutions developed FOR and WITH professionals in the Automotive Business boosting customer treatment methods, team productivity, sales, and customer loyalty.

The strengths of Custeed Suite

Develop powerful digital solutions for our customers

Solutions integrated into the daily life of your teams

Manager’s accompaniment in the increase of their KPIs


Sales leads and qualified workshop leads.


Daily users.


Opinions collected and referenced by Google.


Digital experts by your side.

Main features of the Custeed Suite

From Customer to Fan

Identifies discontent customers and possible purchase opportunities.
• Increase the quality of your database.
• Spreading the positive feedback from your customers on Google.

Client Treatment and Team Follow-Up

Management of sensitive customers: leads, dissatisfied customers, and modified customers.
• Partner alerts, manager escalation and control of the proper treatment of customers.
• Automatic conversion of leads/sales.
• Monitoring and periodic reports.

E-Reputation Control

Monitor in real-time alerts from Google and Facebook.
Centralise a single interface to manage all opinions.
Responds in real-time via the interface to all comments.


Time-Saving. Automated customer marketing campaigns.
Customer Loyalty. More sales and More workshop calls generated from dormant customers.
Profitability. Automated detailed performance of each campaign for easy ROI calculation.

The Custeed Suite Solutions


Don’t miss out on the slightest lead and the slightest sale!
– Automatically centralises all your leads.
– Saves unanswered calls.
– Optimises support.
– Strenghtens your steering.
– Modernises your lead management.


Generate additional income from passive customers.
– Automatic targeting of your customers.
– Multiple campaigns.
– Ultra simple programming.
– Monitor profitability for each campaign.
– Increase your income.


Simplify the management of your E-reputation.
– Simplifies monitoring of your online reviews.
– Improves your marketing’s responsiveness.
– Strengthens your internet reputation.


Boost your customer satisfaction, and promote it on the internet!
– Digitalise the management of your customer satisfaction.
– Retain your dissatisfied customers.
– Capture purchasing projects from your Workshop customers.
– Improve your customer database.
– Strengthens the commitment of your teams.
– Increase your reviews and internet referencement.

Custeed Suite is a component of the Imaweb platform

Digital Signature

Authenticated and secure signature

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