Digital Signature

The simplest and most confidential way to sign and manage all contractual documents related to the sale and maintenance of a vehicle.

The documents are securely signed by and between the customer and the dealer, in accordance with European elDAS regulation.

The strengths Digital Signature

Connectivity and security with the customer

Documents signed remotely

Easy to manage and archive

The benefits of Digital Signature

Remote digital signature

By signing remotely and from any device, the customer has the option of not physically visiting the dealership.
From your perspective, decisions are taken faster and vehicle sales grow faster.

Immediate use without need of any special hardware

Digital Signature can be installed and run without having to invest in particular hardware. Likewise, signatures can be collected without requiring any particular, biometric devices.

No more paper

Fully integrated with our Imaweb platform (Sales and After sales). This means signatures are 100% digital, this saves a lot of time, space and money in archiving and document management.

Safe and confidential

Easy to use and intuitive, both for the user and the end customer, Digital Signature is also the safest and most confidential tool to handle all the documents of an automotive dealership.

Main features of Digital Signature

Which contractual documents?

• NV / UV orders.
• Repair orders.
• Estimates.
• Sign any.

How does it work?

It can be used with any document that requires integrity and immutability.
From all Imaweb solutions, which requires the signature of the document.
Thanks to the interface with Imaweb solutions, there is no need to re-enter information.


The interface uses an Imaweb API: a web service that provides the processes required to collect and authenticate a digital signatures (including signature key confirmation via SMS).
Digital Signature can be used by all the solutions of the Imaweb platform dedicated to automotive dealerships.

Safety at the highest level

• It is fully safe and confidential with the data, Time Stamp.
• The process complies with the European eIDAS Regulation.
• All information contained in the application is protected by an SSL security certificate.
• We are ISO 27001 certified (i.e., standard for the management of information security).

Digital Signature is a component of the Imaweb platform


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