Kobra II – DMS

Kobra II is the most complete dealer management system (DMS) on the market.

Kobra II is a scalable system that you can grow with, making it suitable for both small and large car dealers and workshops. One of the great advantages of Kobra II is our unique brand integration. We work with virtually all brands on the Swedish market. Our partnerships with other players in the sector complement Kobra II.

The strengths of KOBRA II

Fully integrated: System adapted to your sector and the general agents’ systems.

Brand customised: Integrated with the brands you are authorised for.

Scalable: Suitable for both small and large car dealers and workshops.

The benefits of KOBRA II

Control over your vehicle sales

Kobra II handles all sales and purchases of vehicles. It provides an overall picture of your total vehicle sales and control over the results. The system supports you when ordering, warehousing and delivering to customers. With the built-in calculation function, you can easily carry out both pre- and post-calculations.

Taking the pulse of the business every morning

Kobra II’s dashboard gives you a quick overview of your business’ turnover, productivity and efficiency, and you can immediately see any deviations or major changes. By making the numbers visible in clear graphs, you engage all employees in the company’s goals.

An efficient and profitable workshop

Kobra II gives you all the features you need to keep your workshop running efficiently. You create cost estimates and orders, book parts, create documentation for mechanics, take payment from customers and handle insurance and warranty issues. Integration with general agent and subcontractor systems facilitates parts ordering. You receive automatic alerts and suggestions for purchases when parts are in shortage. Stock control function provides self-thinking warehouse that avoids excessive and costly stocks.

Adapted for the automotive industry

Kobra II Vehicle System is a business system that is fully adapted to your industry and brands. It also integrates with a range of other industry systems, saving you extra work. With our digital apps, you can take the system with you to the workshop, the showroom or your summer cottage.

The main features of KOBRA II

Sales and vehicle administration

Kobra II supports you in setting up and managing your vehicles, from enquiry to order to warehousing and delivery to the customer. Up-to-date price lists from general agents reduce the risk of miscalculations.

• Ready-made quotation templates
• Financial calculations, pre- and post-calculations
• Links to financial companies
• Test drive booking with driving licence check
• Pre-calculation of costs
• Ordering vehicles from an importer
• Integration with the Central Vehicle Register
• Commission management
• Handling trade ins
• Demo and company car management
• Support for instalment payments/leasing


The finance modules (Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable) are used together for a complete finance system or added to your current finance system. The advantage of using Kobra II’s own finance modules is that they are adapted to your reality in the automotive sector.

• Verification registration
• Budget registration
• Financial statement management
• Accounting plan management
• Automatic coding
• VAT report with checklist
• Periodisation
• Coding templates
• Automatic update
• Transaction list
• Queries


You create cost estimates and orders, book parts, create documentation for technicians, take payment from customers and handle insurance and warranty issues.

• Local packages for recurring tasks
• Weighting of hourly rates
• Distribution of orders to multiple payers
• Reservation of spare parts
• Automatic coding
• Automatic release of warranty cases
• Handling of insurance cases
• Damages allocation
• History via central register
• Integration Menu Pricing system
• Stock control

Management Tools/Business Intelligence

Give your business a thorough day-to-day analysis of its operations – every day. You and your employees get the numbers in black and white on computer screens or mobile phones.

• Key figures for pending, upcoming and completed orders
• Key figures for hours clocked, productive time and attendance time
• Key figures for order book, vehicles invoiced/delivered and vehicle stocks
• Key figures for spare parts sales
• Key figures for business proposals and vehicles sold, broken down by new and existing customers and private customers
• Chart of KPIs
• All figures in the selected period are compared with the previous year

KOBRA II is a component of the Imaweb platform


The CRM designed for automotive manufacturers and their network

Sales Mobility

The salesman’s tool on mobile phones or tablets

Digital Invoice

Digital Invoice is a multi-channel module directly integrated within your DMS allowing you to benefit from the digitalisation, distribution and archiving of all your customer invoices.​

Digital Signature

Authenticated and secure signature

AfterSales Assistant

Your after-sales service available on mobile and remote

IW Cloud

Our infrastructures allow you to interconnect all your sites and users.

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