Julien, aged 35, with IMAWEB for 7 years

Software Consultant – Remote Deployment Service 
In our team, we deploy Imaweb solutions for existing customers and for new accounts, and this, as the name suggests, remotely! We strive to maintain constant contact and follow-up with our customers and we ensure that they are always satisfied with the services they ordered. Also, in direct and privileged contact with all of Imaweb’s other departments, our entire team is on hand to keep abreast of the latest developments! 
I have participated in the deployment and evolution of DataCar Portal since its origins, in liaison with the Marketing and Development departments. I pool and forward opinions coming from customers and from the Support Department, and I organize training, customer and international partner piloting. 
I joined the Imaweb Support Department 2010, and then I left to pursue my dream of going to New Zealand on a PVT (Working Holiday Visa) because I wanted to travel, discover a new culture and improve my English. As a result, I came back even stronger to Imaweb a year later, where I was hired as a DMS auditor, following which I became Software Consultant, my current position which I like a great deal. 

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