Matthieu, aged 36, with IMAWEB for 13 years

Technical Architect – Infrastructure Department 
Currently a member of the Infrastructure department, my job focuses around two main activities.
The first activity is the management of the internal Imaweb infrastructure in France, which consists in maintaining and developing the various Systems and Networks equipment, as well as gathering intelligence. Our team is responsible for the smooth running of the company’s different geographical sites, secure links, fixed telephony as well as our internal and hosted infrastructures. And then, of course, you have to resolve the daily issues of our colleagues. In short, when something goes wrong somewhere, people come to us
My second activity concerns Systems and Networks support on a selection of projects impacting client infrastructures (server migration, deployment of manufacturer interfaces, remote maintenance). The Support Department sometimes calls me in for specific incidents affecting the IS*. 
I first joined Imaweb as part of my work-study program in 2005, where I was able to develop my knowledge and independence, which allowed me to evolve through different positions within the company
* IS = Information System 

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