Mihaela, aged 34, with IMAWEB for 2 years

Web Developer – Development Department 
I have been part of the CRM360 development team since April 2017, where I started as a web developer. 
I am part of a young and dynamic team, and this has helped me to be more open to innovation and to extend my knowledge in development and agility. The goal of working in Agile mode is to set goals over short periods of time; these are called “Sprints”. In order to reach goals, flexible action plans are elaborated to overcome identified obstacles and we respond to feedback from customers. We also run “Daily Scrums”; these are daily meetings to discuss the team’s activities and identify any “Impediments”.Thanks to this approach, the team can self-organize on a daily basis, and everyone can intervene to the best of their knowledge and skills. 
Last year, I took up the position of CRM360 Technical Manager. I draft technical documentation and I work on the deployment of the different versions of the application for the Quality team. Also, I approve and supervise the evolution of the database in accordance with functional specifications. 
It’s always a real pleasure to work in an open and receptive team, where I have always had the opportunity to test my limits and make progress. 

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