Beatrice, aged 46, with IMAWEB for 24 years

Office-based salesperson – Sales Department 

I joined Imaweb in 1995 as an Administrative Assistant, and then moved on to become Invoicing Manager.
By 2011, I knew my job inside out, and I felt the need to take on new challenges while staying with the same fast-growing and forward-looking company.
Thanks to Imaweb’s keenness to develop internal mobility, I was able to join the Sales Department as a Sales Assistant.
Then, a few years later, a new opportunity arose and I was offered a position as an office-based salesperson. And so a new adventure began!
My main tasks are to manage a customer portfolio defined beforehand, to determine and/or detect the needs of customers in order to come up with a solution adapted to their expectations, and above all to build their loyalty.
Another of my tasks is to sell, with support from the sales engineers, Group offers that can be marketed remotely.
I feel that I am really flourishing in my job, surrounded by a dynamic, motivated and supportive team, with a taste for challenge, where personal and collective goals can be reached, working together. 

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