Myriam, aged 39, with IMAWEB for 4 years

Assistant Manager – Operations Department 

My career began in Marketing and Communication before I moved to the Operations Department in 2007 to take up the position of Assistant Manager. I joined Imaweb in January 2015 as back-up to a Management Committee member and as Assistant Manager at the Sales Department.
This position, new and created from scratch, saw me carry out structuring and operational tasks relating to Export and partners, commercial tools, activity monitoring, Sales and Marketing, and onboarding. I was expected to be the driving force behind internal synergies  (meetings, action plans), to coordinate commercial operations and participate in the launch of new offers.
I very much appreciated the frank and open exchanges with Management. With Imaweb, I also found an involved, close-knit team with a broad cross-section of profiles favouring productive exchanges.
At the end of 2018, we merged with I’CAR SYSTEMS and my work duties changed: As Assistant Manager in the Operations Department, covering Sales, Sales Administration, Marketing, as well as the Consulting/Training and Expertise/Consulting units of two companies, the scope of my work duties broadened in terms of my routine tasks and the teams. I work on integrating new issues, tools and projects in my field of action, all the while coordinating between operational teams.
This is a new challenge that I am happy to embrace as part of our goals that are growth and sustainability. 

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