Olivier, aged 52, with IMAWEB for 30 years

Functional Project Manager – Development Department 

So, let’s say you’ve had to deal with a stubborn computer or mobile phone, or some kind of automatic feature hidden in a dishwasher, or indeed in any relatively modern car. Annoying, right?Well, most people find it annoying anyway.
I wasn’t necessarily destined to be in charge of making a computer obey as a parent might upbraid a stubborn child. When I started my career at Imaweb (a long time ago, we were still using the Francs as currency…), I was part of the Hotline.  Then my job evolved and became more technical: you have to learn how to assemble and configure hardware and software, install them at the customer’s site (garage, dealer, body shop), and train the customer’s personnel. I also test new products and write up user documentation. It’s like an ecosystem where all the pieces of the puzzle must be in the right place: It’s like precision mechanics, like gears inside a transmission.I’m currently working on Product Development. It’s not necessarily a question of “programming” but of knowing what to do and explaining this to the engineers who then code this “into the machine”. What if containing the bug starts here?
Just like things get older and need to be replaced, our teams also need to welcome new people and new ideas. Would you be interested in becoming that helping hand? 

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