William, aged 47, with IMAWEB for one year

Business Intelligence Project Manager – Development Department 
I used to work for another software publisher as a B.I. Project Manager. I didn’t hesitate one instant when Imaweb made me a job offer. My job today is to provide clients with KPI performance indicators, to measure and manage their activities, mixing data from their/our DMS and CRM products. I am part of a team in charge of the Imaweb Business Intelligence offer, a solution that we also use to monitor our own activity. Thanks to our Reporting tools (SSRS, PowerBI…), I am able to focus on customer performance and alerts. My technical versatility means that I can interface our data warehouse* with other products to further enrich it. Since I started working here, we have doubled the volume of data. And our data warehouse is currently aggregating a volume of 1 terabyte of data per day. 
I work with a broad range of skills: R&D, Sales, Support, Expertise, Deployment, Management, and I also have exchanges with customers. 
I appreciate my job and the technical aspects of it, but I appreciate even more the human and relational aspects at Imaweb
* B.I = Business Intelligence;* Central repository of integrated data 

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