Xavier, aged 47, with IMAWEB for 12 years

Indirect and OEM Sales Manager – Sales Department 
My job consists of leading a team of four sales people in charge of relations with car manufacturers and our export partners. 
My department is involved in a wide range of tasks.Our aim is to present, promote and sell our solutions directly to manufacturers, to identify their new projects and take them through to final deployment in the networks. We work to maintain and grow the number of accreditations of our solutions by OEMs in France and abroad. We rely on a network of integrator partners abroad that we support for the marketing, localization, deployment and maintenance of our solutions. 
All of this is achieved by actively listening to the needs of OEMs as well as to the expectations of our customers in the countries where we do business. 
The real pleasure in my work, beyond teamwork and interdepartmental work, is the direct contact with decision-makers of all nationalities, all of which keeps my daily routine different and motivating. Language skills are essential in my team. 

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